drops of the divine in your daily grind.

Divine Union is a state of fluidity and harmony within relationships. Everything in this gorgeous world is related by the sheer miracle of incarnation, but the quality of that relationship has not necessarily evolved into the most elegant and creative form it can. My coffee grounds are much more elegant after percolated water has been mixed with them (and we've found that just dropping the grounds in water has not been effective, y'know?).

DivineUnionTV is about application. It is about applying the loving source energy we carry inherently to those we love and the world around us. It is about playfully finding fluidity and harmony in the trials of the everyday world so that we may experience more joy, peace, and creativity. It is about understanding how we may become more of what we are and less of what is affecting us. It is about finding home ... within ourselves, in our families, in ideas, and finally in the world.  

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