Insperable much? 

Insperable much? 


From our etsy shop:

Shamans with a love of art. What we make contains channeled loving, healing power from the universe that will be felt by the soul it was created to vibrate in tune with . . . 

We are both psychic. 
We've both been healing our whole lives.

Vito was raised by Shamans, so like a child who was raised speaking French, he has no certificates to prove what he knows, he just KNOWS. His energy is huge and sweet and always concerned with the highest good of everyone. Like, everyone in the UNIVERSE. 

Claudia is a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition with a Diane Stein lineage. She was trained in Past Life Regression by Dr. Brian Weiss. So past life things may come up during a treatment or from her paintings. She's also well versed in crystals. .

Two bigger hearts on the planet you would be hard pressed to find.
We love you already. And we want you as well as you are ready to be right now. 


5 random things about us:

Both of us have brothers named Adam.

We grew up on opposite ends of the coast in a melting pot, yet our parents have the exact same ethnicity.

If you believe in astrology then we shouldn't be together. We're totally incompatible. 

We both love Columbo.

We DVR Jeopardy and watch a show a night before bed.