Influence or Inspiration

Random things always inspire me. It's not uncommon. As an artist and creator I find myself insipred to create at least 176K things a day. Usually one or two make the cut. 

Been watching YouTube lately because I've developed a sudden and inexplicable desire to learn how to do makeup.  Mom wasn't into it, I've never been super girly (except for my love of sparkle) and I'm just not getting any younger. I wanted to find ways to perk up my look without going overboard, y'know? 

YouTube is filled, to the beautiful and bubbly brim, with all levels of makeup artists teaching, playing and generally being awesome while they show neophytes like me how to get the perfect cat's eye. I'm kinda addicted right now to several artists.  I watch at least two videos a day and eagerly await the notifications telling me when said artist's next video is released. Basically I am a YouTube consumer. (I come from a long line of them, dating all the way back to my two kids and their inclination to watch people playing video games on YouTube rather than playing them themselves, but I digress...)

Three days ago?  I heard one of my fav MUAs call himself an "Influencer." I was immediately pissed off. 

Why did I need to be influenced? Was I being manipulated for another's gain? Was my mind even my own anymore????

I sat with this for a while. Went through the 5 stages of grief/anger. Processed my emotion like a good girl and came up with this:

I was influenced. Since I started watching makeup influencers on YouTube? I've stepped foot in a Sephora. I stalk liquid lipstick like a dull lipped panther. I was inspired to try primer for the first time. Yep. Influenced. 

Okay. Having made peace with that, my next and most immediate thought was.... "Hey.... I'm an influencer! Only I don't have a YouTube channel. And people can't tune in and see me a few times a week." Well?  Now you can. 

That, my friends, is how DivineUnionTV was born. February 16th 2017. 
Bliss you. <3