We Know Divine

Daring to launch a YouTube channel titled "Divine UnionTV" seems pretty lofty. Do we know what divine means? How do full a channel with things divine that imply a union as well? 

Vito and I are driven to suck the marrow out of everything we're doing at any given time. Washing the dishes? We do it like our lives depended on it. Making the kids lunches? Everyday we strive to make them the best brown bag, ever. Why don't we think stuff like that is divine?

I grew up Catholic. I was told that God is everywhere and in everything. All religions pretty much believe the same thing. Even athiests agree that energy forced the universe into existence and runs through us all. Wouldn't that make it all divine? 

We're gonna show you, by example and with some perspective shifting, that the divine is in the drive through window as much as it's in the synoguage. 

You're divine. We'll show you. :-)