Troll Be Gone

Not that we're calling them to us, or anything, but Vito and I are taking precautions. 

Trolls abound on the internet. That's fine. They serve a purpose. So do mosquitos (I guess) but that doesn't make them any less annoying, painful and potentially deadly. Hence the Troll Spray. 

Our friend (whom we've never met IRL) makes amazing crafted bottles and jars and infuses them with magic.  When we decided to go on this DivineUnionTV adventure, my first thought was that we needed some bit of visual barrier between us and those who would do us harm with words or intent. I went to Sharon immediately.  I knew one of her magical creations would be just the thing. 

If you'd like a lovely, handcrafted bit of beauty, her etsy shop is: TouchoftheGoddess

Thank you, Sharon!